What separates the NY jets from every team in this league right now?
How do you take a #1 defense & get better?

When your defense is as good as the Jets
Your offense can put pressure on the opposing team after 3 & outs, the other team will always press more, will always take just a few more chances to not have to punt the ball away again.
Sanchez can take that next step. This defense could end up being right up there with the all time greats.
I honestly believe that losing Strickland in the Indy game had a HUGE effect on Indys come back.

With Revis & Cromarty @ 1 & 2
Wilson- Lowery- Smith- Leonard- Pool will be allowed to take more chances
One big turnover that we didn't get in that game could have changed everything.
If you look at the Superbowl- New Orleans made that 1 play defensively.
That's what Rex is looking for next year.
A secondary that can make that 1 play to seal it.