All this Lee talk to me is just silliness. Here's some changes I want to see.

I started thinking this the other day, and I'm glad to see Girardi may be of the same thinking the last two nights: Jeter should no longer be batting leadoff. I was a huge proponent of it last season when Damon was around and it worked out great. But this year, not only is Jeter not having a great on-base year, but Gardner has stepped it up to where he could probably do the job every day. Sorry Jetes, its to the bottom of the order for you. Need more guys on base especially now that Tex and ARod seem to have finally turned a corner.

Bullpen. I'm no longer interested in seeing Joba Chamberlain as the 8th inning guy. I'm sick of his inconsistency. He's really turned me off and its super disappointing given the promise he once showed. If we need to make a trade, it's for this role. Grab me a closer from a non-contender, please.

Bench. I've heard some buzz about Adam Kennedy, and I wouldn't hate that move. Shouldn't have to give up much to get him and he could be a useful player down the stretch filling in occasionally. Need a right handed hitting outfielder methinks too.