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Thread: JI Newbie!

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    JI Newbie!

    I am a 41yo Jets fan living in Milwaukee, WI. How did that happen in the land of cheese and high taxes? I lived in Woodbridge, NJ as a kid and became a Jets fan at 9yo. My folks got divorced and I ended up in WI with my mother. If it werent for the even higher taxes, no jobs and high cost of living in NYC, I would have moved back years ago. I do visit a couple times a year and try to make it to at least one Jets game a year. I am also a diehard Mets and Rangers fan as well. I consider the Favre season as the lost Jets season that never happened. Living in WI, I had to watch that arrogant jerk and his legion of feet washers for 16 years. You would not believe how much Jets merchandise showed up in this state that season. I was disgusted and on the verge of confronting many of these d-bags with a Jets history quiz cause I knew they were just Favre fans, not even football fans. I even got on the Tony Paige show the night he was traded to warn NY fans what was coming and I was right. With all that said, I am glad to finally be a member here and look forward to another Jets season and chatting with all of you. (If anyone knows of good jobs and nice places to rent in the Queens area, hit me up!)

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    In Morris Co., N.J. at the right end of a Browning 12 gauge, with Nick to my left n Rex to my right.
    Welcome, nothing has changed here.


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