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Thread: pop goes the pigskin & all else ~ ~ ~

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    pop goes the pigskin & all else ~ ~ ~

    The Pro Game
    Pop goes the pigskin and all else
    July 09, 2010 - by Tom Danyluk

    > [url][/url]

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    Thats some serious doom and gloom.

    Making a comparison to the 1930s for football though I don't think makes sense.

    Of any sport football will have the best chance of coming through this than the others.

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    Thanks for finding and posting this. I'm not sure I agree totally with what's written, though to some degree many parts ring true. The NFL is not exempt from economic realities. I only wish the "union" understood this. They have been part of an economic boom that saw minimum salaries in the league go from $15K when I played in 1970 to over $300K, with most of that expansion occurring in the last 15 years.

    Professional Football is a short and physically demanding career, but, at least now, the players are very well compensated, even at the very bottom of the pay scale.


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