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Thread: Futures Game on ESPN2

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    Futures Game on ESPN2

    Romine and Noesi for the Yankees

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    Romine the starting catcher?

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    Quote Originally Posted by k.Rhodes25 View Post
    Romine the starting catcher?
    Nah, the Angels prospect Conger got the nod over him.

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    No Flores? Familia hasnt had a great year

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bay Ridge Jet View Post
    No Flores? Familia hasnt had a great year

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    Hector Noesi pitching.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Green Jets & Ham View Post
    Also, is Montero not in this game?
    Nope...just Hector Noesi and Austin Romine. Teams can only have 2 players in the game. And Montero was selected in 2008 and 2009.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Green Jets & Ham View Post
    Do they not take AAA players in the futures game, or was Montero not invited due to his slow start this year?
    Anyone level can participate in the game, there is plenty of AAA players playing right now. Montero didn't play well enough to be selected, though he did make the AAA All-Star team.

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    I would love to see the mlb all star game use this format.USA vs the world.

    The all start game to me isn't nearly as good since interleague play.And the winning league getting home field advantage in the ws for their league is so f'n stupid.

    Just imagine Rivera trying to lock down the game and Jeter steps to the plate.

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    Here at Futures Game. Yankees C Austin Romine admits a trade of Montero to Mariners "would've been good for me. But I can't control it."

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    Romine is behind the plate now

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    Romine caught the 8th right? I just came in and thought I saw the Yankees logo on his sleeve.

    I think Romine still has a opportunity to be our starting catcher as early as next season, I think the Yankees view him more as their potential starting catcher than Montero. I heard that Montero has regressed this year behind the plate, at least that is what BA said. And from everything I heard, the Yankees have had Romine as untouchable in trade talks, while they have thrown Montero out there a couple times, like for Roy Halladay last season.

    Romine just hit a RBI double.
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    USA teeing off the Mets prospect, including an Austin Romine double.

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    That was a 97 MPH fastball Romine ripped into the gap. Not much movement on it though.

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    Familia was a poor choice to make the team in the first place.

    He wasn't being very successful in A+, why would they think he would fare well in a game like that where the playing field is even higher? And yeah, he's usually better when he throws it 92-94, where he can command and get some movement on it. He was definately overthrowing, probably playing to the radar gun some.

    Mets had plenty of better choices to take. I would have liked to see Wilmer or Nieuwenhuis personally, but thats not who they invited obviously.

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    Oh that Met farm system! Not as bad as people thought. Goes to show you though, particularly with guys like Davis, Niese, Tejada, and Mejia playing prominent rolls in the bigs this year, that some of the "experts" are even lost themselves. Familia was a pretty weak choice though.


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