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Thread: Jon Heyman, SI- David Wright 1st half NL MVP

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    Jon Heyman, SI- David Wright 1st half NL MVP

    National League
    David Wright, Mets, 3B. Despite a slow start and playing in a pitchers home park, he leads the NL in RBIs (65) and is back to being the key cornerstone player on a contending team. Nice turnaround.

    2. Albert Pujols, Cardinals 1B. Is he supposed to be having an "off'' year? Maybe for him, he is. Even though every team he faces tries to avoid pitching to him, he's at .308/.416/.576 and has 64 RBIs, one behind Wright.

    3. Joey Votto, Reds 1B. The biggest of the original All-Star snubs before he won the extra fan vote, he leads the NL with a 1.011 OPS. Also way up there in just about every other category. All-Star manager Charlie Manuel made some strange choices.

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    Honestly, nice to see him turn it around, he was getting bashed pretty good there for a while.

    Alot riding on his shoulders.


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