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Thread: How would a team attack the Jets 'D'....

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    How would a team attack the Jets 'D'.... 2010?

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    I would attack the safetys

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    [QUOTE=Jetdawgg;3646069] 2010?[/QUOTE]

    I would isolate Revis and flood the other DB's with confusing routes/sets. In addition, I would have my RB's flaring out into the flats to take yardage underneath.

    While Revis doesn't need a lot of help, this would ensure he doesn't have any for those times he does get beat. On the other side, the flood of options should allow someone to get open or leave someone open in the flats.

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    Very tough to attack safeties.. Especially considering our corners, it is likely they will be blitzing quite a bit.

    The best they can shoot for is having TE's matching up with safeties, but there just aren't that many unbelievably talented TE's in the league anyway.

    The only real possible weakness will be in the run game.. And the only reason I even suggest that is because they maybe won't be top 5 in the league against the rush. I just base that on the lack of depth and high end skill on the DL. But if everyone stays healthy on that DL, then you can just about guarantee that nobody will be running on us at will.

    Jets biggest threat is really injuries, or just having an off game where the ball doesn't bounce their way.

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    We were hot and cold against the run last year, and we struggled some against the more powerful backs. I think we will be tested by teams in the ground game first, I think our secondary should be outstanding and I think teams will try to control the ball against us and wear us out.

    That being said, the best option is probably punt on first or second down and hope to be gifted a pick-6. :yes:

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    run the ball and throw underneath with screens and slants. although this would be successful against any team.

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    via the run and the pass

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    Just do what Manning did in Jan ;)

    1) [B]THROW TO TALLER RECEIVERS OUT OF THE REACH OF THE SHORTER DB'S USING PATTERNS WHERE THEY'LL HAVE ROOM TO RUN AFTERWARDS[/B] (this way the Jets D cant pull a "Bellichick" and beat on the opposition WR's)

    2) Rotate WR's to keep them fresh.


    I sure Rex know this is exactly how we got beat ;)

    [U]Antidote[/U]? Use 3 different defenses so a brainiac QB cannot make the adjustments :D

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    Running outside the tackles, gadget plays, beating our corners behind Revis+Cro, forcing Sanchez into mistakes.

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    [QUOTE=Jetdawgg;3646069] 2010?[/QUOTE]


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    [QUOTE=Jetdawgg;3646069] 2010?[/QUOTE]

    Hopefully, they'll be arrogant enough to attack Revis....

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    Run at Cromartie. Outside sweeps and screens. The guy makes Kerry Rhodes look like Dick Butkus.

    Match up a quick slot receiver against Wilson. He's used to being an outside corner where he can utilize the sideline. He'll eventually be a very good player but rookie DB's get picked on. Cotchery's had his way with him from the reports I read.

    And we were obviously vulnerable to the wildcat formation.

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    [QUOTE=Buzzsaw;3646184]The guy makes Kerry Rhodes look like Dick Butkus.


    :clapper::clapper::clapper: :D

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    Spread the defense with 4 wide, then run and play action out of that formation.

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    [QUOTE=Buzzsaw;3646184]Run at Cromartie. Outside sweeps and screens. The guy makes Kerry Rhodes look like Dick Butkus.

    Match up a quick slot receiver against Wilson. He's used to being an outside corner where he can utilize the sideline.[/QUOTE]

    these two statements make sense... as such I would move Wilson to the CB2 where he will have the sideline and be asked to tackle... and demote Cro to CB3 where he's less likely to get run at.

    cause let's be real if Kyle Wilson was drafted by any other team he'd be starting for them too... Cro is such a wild card, he hasn't played like he gave a crap since 2007.

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    Here is how I'd approach us if I were an opponent

    Jenkins, Pouha, Harris, and Scott effectively make the inside gaps a "do not enter" zone, so expect a lot of running along the edge. They will run at Jason Taylor/Brian Thomas and challenge them to make a play. We are also thin at DE. DeVito is probably the weakest link on the starting line (even though I think he's pretty solid) so that's another guy you have to challenge. If you have a wildcat package, be prepared to use it because you'll need the extra run blocker it provides.
    God forbid Gholston gets in the game they will run straight at him.

    Use spread 4&5 WR sets to force us to play zone. Make quick passes because Rex will counter by blitzing 6.
    Whatever you do, stay away from Revis. If Cromartie is playing man coverage he will also make you pay. Mismatch tall WRs against our nickel/dime backs Wilson, Coleman, Lowery. Use screen passes to counter Rex's aggressive blitzes. Run seams at our safeties and challenge them to make a play.

    Overall, this defense looks to be SCARY good. Not too many teams will be able to put up a lot of points on us.
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    Screen passes to offset the blitz, teams won't be attacking downfield much with the CB we have and the way the team attacks QB forcing them to make quick decisions.

    Running the ball, last year we were vulnerable to the run at times, I think they can be better with more knowledge of the defense and fresher/healthier LBs and a safety that isn't afraid to tackle.

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    ... only way to make it fair is with 12 men ...


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