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    New Member Here

    Whats up fellas? After constantly visiting the site, I've finally decided to join the board. I look forward to talkin some Jets football with all you guys, and I hope to make this 1st post a great one.

    As much as I love the Yankees & Knicks, when I see those Green & White uniforms burst out the tunnel on game day, its just a different feeling, plain & simple. Attended my 1st game in '92 against the 49ers as a 7 year old, and I've been hooked ever since. This has been and always will be "my team."

    Looking towards the promise of this season and reflecting on last year, has the Rex Ryan era been fun or what? Like most of you on here, I cannot be more FIRED UP to get to camp, and build on our run from last year. Paper means next to nothing, but when I look at this team on it as of right now, I'm downright giddy at the potential & possibilities.

    Look forward to hearing from all of you

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    Sup Bleed Green, welcome to the site


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