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Thread: CBS / Fox TV Doubleheader Schedule?

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    CBS / Fox TV Doubleheader Schedule?

    Is the CBS / Fox Doubleheader Schedule available?

    (Not which games it will be, just which Week which Network has the single or double header).

    The NFL.Com schedule doesn't seem to indicate it.

    I am in Florida and since the Fins always have preference, looking at this can often help me predict which Jets games might be on local TV.

    And that could help me decide if Sunday Ticket will be worth it for first half of season, when Jets are already on national a lot.


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    i was trying to figure that at as well, in south florida you know there will be at least 6 games on regular t.v. - the 2 miami, thanksgiving, and the 3 monday nights. chances are at least two more will be on.

    so banking on that i called direct tv and said i wanted downgrade my premium package w/out mentioning sunday ticket, the lady on the phone figured out thru different discounts for me to save $40 per month for 6 months. i figure at that point sunday ticket only costs me $10 per month for 6 months.

    now watch, at least 12 games televised!!! Still worth it to have though, as the sunday ticket is a lot cheaper than a d.u.i.

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    Not up for 2010 yet but this is the place.


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    Just check who has the 4:15 games

    It's as simple as looking at the schedule for a particular week.

    The network with the 4:15 games is the network with the doubleheader that week.

    Week 1: Fox
    Week 2: CBS
    Week 3: CBS
    Week 4: Fox.

    and so on..


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