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Thread: Felony charges filed against Merling.

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    Felony charges filed against Merling.

    [quote]The state attorney’s office in Broward County officially filed felony charges against Merling on Friday for aggravated battery on a victim he should have known was pregnant according to Ben Volin of the Palm Beach Post. No court date has been set (it will likely be set within a week), but prosecutor Sarahnell Murphy found enough evidence that Merling, 25, battered his pregnant girlfriend to move forward with the case.
    Merling’s attorney already entered a plea of not guilty and requested a trial by jury, the state attorney’s office confirmed

    Report: Merling "on thin ice" with Dolphins

    According to Pro Football Weekly, defensive end Phillip Merling is on thin ice with the Dolphins coming into training camp.
    The Dolphins coaching staff was unhappy with Merling even before he was arrested earlier this offseason for aggravated battery after allegedly beating his pregnant girlfriend. He certainly did not help his standing with the team with that incident. Merling could face a suspension by the league for violating the NFL's personal conduct policy.
    A fformer first round pick, Merling was supposed to start at defensive end but was easily beaten out by Randy Starks last year

    LOL! (not laughing at the gravity of the situation, just the Dolphins organization)

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    Merling was a 2nd round pick & If Randy Starks was so good, how come he's been moved to NG? The drafting of Oderick might make Merling (who was one of the top DE's in that draft) expendable.

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    wow, the dolphins seem to be collecting bad apples on their team. I am sure that when Mike Fatcessa analyzes their prospects for the upcoming season he will make team chemistry one of the factors in his assessment. :zzz:

    After all, he could not help himself from ripping the Jets for bringing in talented, but troubled players. The difference is that his boy toy, parcells, does not work for the Jets.

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    He'll be cut, or I at least assume that he would be.

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    Sign the beast for short money. :O

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    can't wait til september :yes:

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    Some of this crap makes me sick to my stomach...


    [quote]My prediction is that Merling's attorney will make things hard enough on the prosecution to entice them to knock down the aggravated battery charge to the lesser charge of battery. The reason the charge got bumped up to the felony charge to begin with is because she was pregnant, and there is reason to believe he knew that at the time. But she was two months pregnant at the time, which still qualifies for an abortion mind you, and I think that with her being only two months pregnant there's probably precedent enough to undo the automatic bump up in seriousness of the charge.

    I don't see him getting out of this with a not guilty plea or having the charges dropped altogether unless the police really screwed up. But knocking it down to the lesser charge should be enough to keep him out of jail and possibly keep his suspension by the NFL either to a minimum, or to nothing at all.[/quote]

    [quote]Here it is almost training camp, and the Merling fiasco is trying to rain on our parade. Hopefully Big Phil has learned his lesson about hitting women. If things get bad just get away from them. Dont go all Mel Gibson on them. They arent worth it.[/quote]

    [quote]I don't know what happened. Does it look good, no . . . but the guy has no priors and it is not an open and shut case and he hasn't been found guilty, so we just need to let the legal system take its course. If Philip Merling was Jake Long, I can imagine we wouldn't rush to judge Jake as harshly w/o him being found guilty. Let's see what happens.[/quote]


    [quote] great. Way to go NFL. The Patriots cheated their way to four superbowls stealing millions of dollars of revenue away from other teams and nothing happens to them, but by all means lets suspend Merling and Ferguson. DUUUUH!

    Maybe there is something to the talk of football being fixed after all. Of course this "Dolphin-Punishment" couldn't be because the new Commissioner of Football is a Western New York native and grew up in "Bills Country" could it?[/quote]

    “I do not want thugs and hoodlums on the team I really don’t, I don’t want bad character guys, I do not want problem children”. - Bill Parcells.

    Jesus, Bill. You're entire team is full of them, including your brand new NT, your star RB, your TED and your new diva WR :rolleyes:


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