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Thread: Shaved vs au' nat-ur-al: what's your preference??

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    [QUOTE=Come Back to NY;3666423]unattractive??

    do you smile a toothy grin as you're about to let it go?? do you stop in the middle of the proceedings to comb your hair???[/quote]

    Yeah, it's annoying and uncomfortable. Two things you don't want sex to be about, even if you're taking one for your partner.

    [quote]ever see the eddie murphy skit about orgasm faces???[/QUOTE]

    No but I never liked the guy outside of Coming to America.

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    [QUOTE=BigBensAngel7;3666329]well since you i have the landing strip and get the sides waxed. sorry i missed out on this

    [QUOTE=Come Back to NY;3666393]i don't think anyone on this fourm (all of whom are probably on their way to woody's) believe you without proof....:P[/QUOTE]


    pics or GTFO.

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    tits or GTFO.[/QUOTE]


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    [QUOTE=Revi$_I$l@nd;3666397]If you eat it, you want it clean.

    It's unattractive to pick hair out of your mouth mid session.

    You gotta use your hands.

    Part the sea :P

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    [QUOTE=PlumberKhan;3667249]You gotta use your hands.

    Part the sea :P[/QUOTE]

    I bet these guys want you to peel their oranges too. I remember when Americans had a work ethic gosh dangit!

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    [QUOTE=PlumberKhan;3667249]You gotta use your hands.

    Part the sea :P[/QUOTE]

    With what Fish is talking about, Moses couldn't part it...

    Just sayin'.


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