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Thread: What is the fastest car you ever driven/owned?

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    [QUOTE=JStokes;3670233]Top speed 136 (that I can recall) in my BMW M3 Convertible. 333HP. On the Tappan Zee Bridge. NO cops :D Tried to take a picture of the speedometer and tach with my cellphone. Really really stupid.


    That is nuts. What time of day was it? I'd be afraid to do that on the Tappan Zee only because of the all the potholes and the unpredictable drivers. Blow a tire or someone tries to cut you off and you end up in the bottom of the river.

    I've got my car barely past 100, but I just don't trust the pothole ridden roads around here. Buzz's story is the perfect opportunity -- long, flat, empty desert road that you can see for mile and miles... I wouldn't mind pushing it to the max there.

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    Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT-8. That thing was a beast.

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    [QUOTE=PlumberKhan;3670240]1970 Buick GS 455 Stage 1. Bought it from some old lady for $600. It was her son's and he had passed away. I told her it was worth more, but she didn't care...just wanted it gone. I made it up to her 6-7 years later when I sent by my company to change her boiler. I charged her $600 for the new boiler :D She looked at the bill when I handed it to her, very confused. She didn't remember who I was, I had to remind her. Told her I ended up selling it for 12k 2 years later and I couldn't hand her a bill for $7,500. Cost me a bunch of Saturdays and late nights at work.


    Thats a fargin sad and great story all at once. Good job, PK.


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    [QUOTE=82nd Airborne;3670188]Hyundai Tiburon with 350 HP... burned a few tires and one turbo drag-racing it. I am thinking about stocking it with 450...I still have it as my toy car.[/QUOTE]
    I got up to around 150MPH on the Junipero Serra Freeway just west of San Mateo. It was a beefed up Mercedes 500 Class. Midnight.

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    2005 BMW M3 my dad had one for a short time and sold it to make some money on it but learned how to drive stick in that car and nothing else compares...


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