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Thread: Well, this could certainly backfire.

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    Well, this could certainly backfire.

    Saban to NFL: You're no longer welcome
    Posted by Mike Florio on August 10, 2010 4:55 PM ET
    Last month, Alabama coach Nick Saban had an idea for dealing with the problem of agents who pay college football players.

    "Let's just throw the NFL out," Saban said.

    Apparently, he has.

    Multiple league source tell us that Saban has advised multiple (but perhaps not all) NFL teams that their scouts are not welcome on campus to view practices, until further notice.

    There's talk that Saban may open the doors on a limited basis. Currently, August 18 has been identified as one of the potential dates.

    It makes sense for Saban to provide some access to scouts, even if it's limited. At the end of the day, most of the kids he recruits want to play in the NFL. But if NFL teams aren't permitted to do their due diligence at to Saban's players, it may be harder for them to get drafted.

    And, it turn, it will become harder for Saban to recruit new players.
    Saban better come off his high horse pretty damn quick, because this could blow up in his face big time.

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    That is a rather bizarre way to handle things it seems to me. How does banning NFL scouts solve the agent problem other than just devaluing the players?


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