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Thread: Advertising woes

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    Advertising woes

    Ads with audio? No thanks.

    Popup blocker gong berserk? Nope again.

    Guys, I know you need to generate revenue to support the site, but could you at least block out your ad server from showing video ads at the top? The audio in it is extremely loud and makes the site feel cheap.

    Also, not sure if this is new or not, but I'm suddenly noticing my popup blocker barking with more than half the page loads. Not as big a deal since they are blocked, but does that really generate that much more revenue?

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    Quote Originally Posted by nycdan View Post
    Ads with audio? No thanks.
    Agreed. 100 percent. JI is one of the best stress relievers when I need a break at work. However, the obnoxious, loud audio accompanying an ad makes it a challenge (kinda' obvious that I am doing something non-work related when the ads start playing). Now I've been trying to remember to off my speakers before going on JI...


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