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Thread: Help me, TOP 5s for 2010

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    Quote Originally Posted by bitonti View Post
    fyi here are my top 64 seniors ranked regardless of position

    any feedback welcome
    -Ahmad Black is your quintessential great college player, poor pro prospect. Small and slow, but yeah, fantastic instincts.

    -I like Sherrod, but I'm not positive that he's a LT in the pros...and therefore, I would say he's too high.

    -Ponder's too high; disappointing senior year and mediocre arm.

    -I'm surprised someone who liked Cody so much doesn't like Powe as much. If Powe played on Bama, Vincenzo Testaverde would probably need a change of pants.

    -I would bump up both Boise State WRs quite a bit, especially Young. He's expecially affected by a QB who can only throw 30 yards.

    -I like Hank a lot, too.

    -Tolliver's soft.

    -Move Pouncey down. Forget the snap problems, I'm starting to think Maurkice covered a lot of his **** up.

    -If Moch really runs a 4.25, we're talking top 15 at least.

    Guys I would add: Greg Romeus, Orlando Franklin, Penrell McPhee, Jeron Johnson, Mario Fannin(Yeah, I like him a lot), DeMarcus Love

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    thanks for your feedback you have given me alot to think about... here are my responses

    - safeties are very tough to judge... u could very well be right about him.... if Black runs slow (and he might) then this will be absolutely true. I feel like until DB run a 40 it's very tough to rank them.

    - I believe Sharrod and Carimi can play LT. I had a similar fear about Jamaal Brown and even Jake Long... excellent run blockers can play LT it's just a different type of tackle (as opposed to the Dbrick/clady types)

    - Ponder's game against BC was atrocious. He might be too high but remember it's a seniors only list, so not alot of premium talent. I also believe that the shortage of QB's will help this guy. there are always demand for QBs no matter if they are good or not.

    -I intent to live and learn on the draft and the Cody situation taught me no matter how great a 2 down nose tackle prospect is, he's still a 2 down nose tackle prospect. I like Powe. But GMs value QB, LT, pass rushers, playmaker RB and WR etc. before they get to the niche players like a nose tackle. So he falls. A player like Paea, who isn't among my all time faves, gets pushed higher on the theory he can pass rush inside.

    - agree about the Boise guys... they are great WR

    - Tolliver is soft. He's also got a lazy streak. But he's also tall, fast and clutch. So i think a team might be able to work with him. He's certainly not a great prospect. Pretty good tho.

    - Pouncey i think gets a bad rap. I've watched him very closely and there's nothing wrong with him that a move to guard or even right tackle can't fix. Snapping is not something that guys can just do... it's a learned skill and some guys never learn it. He's still a very powerful player.

    -agree on Moch. but let's see that time for reals

    - Romeus back is all screwed up. I dont know how any GM drafts him highly (top 3 rounds) after herniated disc back fuse surgery. Franklin is meh but could be a decent guard. McPhee im a fan of but he hasn't produced this year. Demarcus Love I feel is very overrated (another probable guard, altho if he's great at Senior Bowl that proves me wrong) and I also like Mario Fannin.

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    Moch might have Usain Bolt speed but so far he seems like a one trick pony. Some are already calling him Gholston part 2. I watched him against Cal and caught the 2nd half against Hawaii this past weekend. Obviously he is lightning quick off the edge but once the linemen gets his hands on him he becomes very easy to get moved out of the play which hurts his team in run support. Also his ball instincts leaves a lot to be desired, which is why people are throwing out the Gholston comparisons.


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