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Thread: Scouting Reports on UF Draft Prospects

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    Scouting Reports on UF Draft Prospects

    C Mike Pouncey(SR.)- Top 40
    -Maurkice was a slightly better athlete and played the more premium position(damn well) which is why he went so high, but just because Mike came back doesn't mean he sucks. He's going to dominate just like Maurkice but he's going to be more polished, and he's going to be more versatile(as he's played all positions on the line). Emerged as a big time leader this spring, strong at the point, smart, good short area quickness allow him to get to the next level and block in space, nasty.

    S Will Hill(JR.)- Top 75
    -The former 5 star has actually disappointed since coming to FL. He earned time as a FR. and played solidly, but he was invisible as a SO; Development stalled, UF gave him too much responsibility(Nickel CB, FS, SS); Didn't deserve to rotate with Wright and Black last year; Breakout year expected this year- has all the athleticism in the world, but is the mental aspect there? Instincts?- how does a player with his athleticism make no plays when he's on the field? If he busts out, late first round isn't out of the question. Even if he doesn't, his athleticism and upside will probably justify some team taking him this high. He'll declare.

    CB Janoris Jenkins(JR.)- Top 100
    -Was better than Haden his freshman year when he played the boundary CB position at UF; moved to the field CB position his SO. year so Haden could play the boundary and took a step back; Boundary better suits his style of play so expect him to have a fantastic year; very physical, loves to put his hands on receivers; has successfully manned up with the best WRs in the SEC; plays well with back to QB; solid balls skills; will stick his nose in run support; Problem? How will his physical style translate to the next level when he's neither than big(5'9 190 lbs) or fast(4.55+?)? He'll declare.

    DT Jaye Howard(JR.)- Top 100
    -Emerged last year when the starting DT's got hurt; Was just a big end before than but played well at DT; Strongest Gator, but also quick and athletic; Athleticism/Versatility there(3-4 DE?); Just needs more experience and needs to be more consistent.Would be better served coming back but apparently he's going to declare...might not be a bad move considering UF's 2010 DL class.

    RT Marcus Gilbert(SR.)- Top 100
    -Reminds me a ton of Max Starks, the Pittsburgh RT out of UF who also went in this range; He'll never be confused as a LT as he's susceptible to a good speed rush, but he's still good enough to play RT at the next level; Physical mauler, good build, can kick inside, solid feet for a guy his size, will sometimes overextend.

    RB Emmanuel Moody(SR.)- 4th-5th Round
    -Has not lived up to expectations at UF due to initially struggling to pick up the offense and injury concerns; Expect a break-out as some of Tebow's carries will go to him; Complete back- versatile runner with great cutting ability; Toughness?; Watch him FR. year at USC and you'll see unreal talent- he'll rise in workouts guaranteed.

    OG Carl Johnson(SR.)- 4th-5th Round
    -Flashed as SO. and I raved about him on this board; Started at LT last year and was awful- kicked back inside to LG when we found an actual tackle and he played well again; Struggles with his weight though- in check now, but he tends to get in the 360 range; Strictly a guard and probably not the best fit for a zone-blocking scheme due to not having the quickest feet, but he's a big dude who can maul- if he keeps his weight in check and improves in pass protection, he could end up starting.

    S Ahmad Black(SR.)- 5th Round
    -Just a football player; playmaker, "was born in a football position," great instincts; smart; leader; great fundamental tackler; Problem? Small and slow- better college player than pro; will probably work his way onto a roster though.

    LB Brandon Hicks(SR.)- 6th-7th Round
    -Fast and aggressive in space, can play all three LB positions; played well when SAM AJ Jones got injured late last year; Experience? Ability to take on blacks? Instincts? Athleticism is there, if he plays well this year and then bulks up a bit in the off-season he should get drafted

    DE Justin Trattou(SR.)- 6th-7th Round
    -Leader of defense; great work ethic; versatile; not a great pass-rusher at end but will get blown up on the inside; value to the Gator has been as a consistent 2-down DE and then kicking inside on pass-rush situations; 3-4 DE at next level?

    Late Round/Undrafted: SAM A.J. Jones(Can cover, but LB/S tweener); DT Lawrence Marsh(Steady performer, no pass-rush and always injured); DT Terron Sanders(See Marsh); WR Carl Moore(Great size. no production; flakey); DE Duke Lemmens(Poor man's Trattou); LB Lorenzo Edwards(Highly regarded recruit, might actually see field this year)
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