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Thread: Tim Cowlishaw claims Revis has New Contract (Merged)

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    hmm alright ham, whats his username so i can be on the look out?

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    [QUOTE=Cack89;3694369]hmm alright ham, whats his username so i can be on the look out?[/QUOTE]



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    [QUOTE=Cack89;3694369]hmm alright ham, whats his username so i can be on the look out?[/QUOTE]

    It's just Scoops I believe.

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    Yeah Ham, what is his username?

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    bring back The Sowell Train...not only did that guy get good scoops (from his brother) but he was also good for throwing up some gang signs at the NFL draft...

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    lol at the tags in this thread...

    $120m is an insult
    is this horseshizz?
    spit it out hammer!

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    [QUOTE=jetfaninkorea;3694377]Yeah Ham, what is his username?[/QUOTE]

    Try "scoops"

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    [QUOTE=Green Jets & Ham;3694358]Only when he feels like giving us a Jets "scoop", no pun intended.

    He doesn't come here for casual conversation, only when he wants to give us the skinny before the story breaks.[/QUOTE]

    Well, he has stopped by on a couple of occasions to share his political views.
    Probably best you didn't discuss those with him.

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    [QUOTE=jetfaninkorea;3694377]Yeah Ham, what is his username?[/QUOTE]


    Last activity at 6:32 p.m. today. ;)

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    [QUOTE=32green;3694372] DWC2 -[/QUOTE]

    Well played. :D

    So who's working the graveyard shift/cyberhall monitor in case any more news breaks on Twitter, Facebook, at Scoops house or here on JI? I have work in the morning.

    Hey Darrelle, can you say the same thing?

    BTW - Dustin Keller is going to be interviewed on Mike'd Up with Bruce Beck on Channel 4 in a few minutes if anyone is interested in a NYJ player who's actually playing for the NYJ right now.

    Good nite good Jet Fans & don't worry, Darrelle will be home soon. ;)

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    If Nick signs a contract similar to the structure of D'Brickashaw (rolling guarantees), does Revis' camp follow suit and get our MVP back on the team ASAP?

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    of course not, just keepin my eye open for his post.

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    Late reaction...YES PLEASE!

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    Scoops is someone real close to Tannenbaum, look at his previous posts

    I wouldn't be shocked if it was Tannenbaum himself, honestly


    He also broke the Sanchez contract, Holmes trade, Pace Suspension and Kerry Rhodes trade

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    I can't wait until I can just love this commercial to no end.

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    [QUOTE=Green Jets & Ham;3694399]Could be a friend of Woody's, could be a friend of Mr. T's, could be a friend of Rex, could be someone in the Jets heirarchy, really there are numerous possibilities IM3, all we know for sure is he is definitely plugged into the inner sanctum and he is never wrong.[/QUOTE]

    He was breaking news before Rex.

    I found it funny that he would reply to posts about Tannenbaum a lot,just throwing it out there, if I had to guess it would be someone really close to Tannenbaum.

    I think Scoops knows what is going on, and probably wouldn't tell the board unless the deal was pretty much a formality

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    That would be cool if it was Tannenbaum, although im sure that is not the case.

    One things for sure though, I don't think any other nfl message board gets inside info like we at JI do:yes:

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    Re: Tim Cowlishaw claims Revis has New Contract (Merged)

    If our gm was breaking news on a message board in his free time I'd be very afraid...

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    sounds like we're getting closer. good sign but not out of the woods yet!

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    FWIW a longtime and credible poster on posted this:

    [QUOTE]There is major progress with Revis. A confidential source told me. I cannot reveal who it is.

    I have been on here for 5 years and I would NEVER make this up. Please take my word.

    thanks guys[/QUOTE]

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