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Thread: SNY: "Let's hire Wally for 2011" (NOT Torre!)

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    SNY: "Let's hire Wally for 2011" (NOT Torre!)

    Citing he would be a bargain and he works best with building teams that are looking to get younger, Wally is clearly the choice for SNY and I totally agree

    Also, from a marketing standpoint he can bring in some old Mets favs from the '86 team. It's a great idea.

    He also would set a certain much tougher-minded "team demeanor" - something a manager hasnt done on the Mets since Davey Johnson.

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    I'm not sure he's really the right guy for the job.

    Don't know that he has the demeanor to put up with NY as mgr which is totally different than being a player here.


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