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Thread: Totally O/T, but

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    Totally O/T, but

    does anyone know what the hell those things are in singing in those Quizznos commercials? Are they cats, gophers or some hybrid mutant animal?


    Just to distract from, well, I won't say his name...

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    Are you referring to the infamous Sponge Monkey?

    [FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=5]THEy HAVE A [SIZE=6][FONT=Arial Black]PEP[/FONT][FONT=Franklin Gothic Medium]PER[/FONT] [/SIZE][SIZE=7][B]BAR[/B][/SIZE]!!![/SIZE][/FONT]

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    no they are weird, hairy little critters that sing about Quizznos, and look like cats with pointed ears...

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    They are monkeys according to the ad campaign. Pretty horrendous stuff. Like i want to eat a sub after seeing that ,.

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    This thread screams Hamper.


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