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Thread: Fatso on Woody, Tanny, Revis, Westhoff

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    Fatso on Woody, Tanny, Revis, Westhoff

    FAN today 1pm: (1st topic)

    "Woody Johnson is full of it if he expects us to believe that his being such an intricate part on this team is not STAGED".

    "All the Revis talk was nothing. One side has to cave in. So, you may not see anything happening till Thanksgiving - or at all".

    "Westhoff is great! He is the only genuine thing happening on Hard Knocks - which is really just a comedy show. He shouldve been a HC somewhere".

    So, the tally for Fatso now is:

    1) Rex is disgusting and unprofessional.
    2) Woody is a phoney.
    3) Revis will break our hearts. We probably will not go to a SB as a result.
    4) Westhoff, the "cragly veteran" and the only real "man" on the team (and should be HC)

    Can we get a list of Fatso's advertisers once and for all and send them emails? I'll start:

    Safe Guard
    Boston Medical Group
    The New York Mets

    Any more? Please add
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    WHO CARES....

    Advertsisers care that Mike gets ratings..not that he hates the jets...Jets fans NEED to get over their sensitivity issues...

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    The last thing you want to do is email the advertisers... They would LOVE that.
    Email the fat f***, call his house, throw a flaming bag of poo at him.

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    Why anyone would even tune to this crap? Selfmutulation?

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    Westhoff is the only one who will go on his show anymore so he's definitely going to be nice to Westhoff.

    You can guarantee that Mikey would shut the hell up if Rex was in front of him though.

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    another gem by....the schroy

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    Schroy threads AND Francesa threads should be dumped without question.

    This is just a double whammy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Schroy48 View Post
    Fatso on Woody, Tanny, Revis, Westhoff
    and your listening why?

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    I bet he'd love the show if the Jets didn't say F off to having players on his show....

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    Quote Originally Posted by RussianGreen View Post
    Why anyone would even tune to this crap? Selfmutulation?
    I still don't get it. It's like going over to and posting their threads about us over here. What's the point?

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    The mods should automatically close any threads on Fatcessa!!! If anyone
    on this board doesn't know the story about him yet they should be ashamed
    of themselves

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    The sooner you realize this, the better.

    Fatcesa hates the Jets. End of story.

    The Jets could find the cure for cancer, and all you would hear out of Fatcesa is "What took them so long?"

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    Dude, what's the count on Schroy threads in the Dump?

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    For those who do not yet know this....

    The fastest way to turn fun ol' Warfish into a Thread Dumper, is to start yet another thread on the Strip about Francessa.

    Instant Dump, any and every time I see it.

    You may as well start the thread in here, because it will end up here anyway.

    I am suprised there are any folks who do not yet know this.

    Yes, he hates teh Jets.

    No, he will never break Jets News.

    No, nothing he says has value or worth.

    No, nothing he says is new.

    Hence, nothing he says is really needed on Strip.

    Thank you for Flying Warfish Airlines, flying proudly from Strip to Dump for 3 years and counting.


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