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Thread: Greetings to my fellow Jets Brothers and Sisters

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    Greetings to my fellow Jets Brothers and Sisters

    Hi All, I figured it was time to become official since I'm on this site more than any other combined! I became a fan in 68 at the age of 10-good year to become one!! Attended the opening game of 69 in Buffalo and remember Joe hitting Maynard for a 50 yd td after Joe got his bell rung the play before. I've been thru all the heartaches us older guys remember, and I always remember a quote Joe made after the playoff loss to the Chiefs in 69. Mayor Lindsey said to him in the locker room, "Don't worry, Joe, you'll get em next time." "Yeah," Joe said, "but the next time is a long time away." Man has it! But I've never been more excited for the future with Rex and the crew he and Tanny have assembled. Please!! Thanks for having me.

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    Welcome aboard.


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