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Thread: UNC about to get f*cked...

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    UNC about to get f*cked...

    MB rumor already is that both their studly CBs will be ineligible. We'll see if that's true and who else...

    Bye Bye, Butch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gangGREENinsider View Post
    MB rumor already is that both their studly CBs will be ineligible. We'll see if that's true and who else...

    Bye Bye, Butch.

    UNC kicks Brown, Burney off team as investigation widens

    By Will Brinson
    Special to
    Aug. 26, 2010

    To say that things regarding the NCAA investigation in Chapel Hill heated up today would be an understatement -- Inside Carolina reported that UNC self-reported "academic issues pertaining to a tutor."

    As soon as that happened, the proverbial mess hit the fan: Our own Dennis Dodd reported that the University will announce a "widening of an NCAA investigation" at the 7:30 ET news conference the school has scheduled.

    That same tutor, according to reports from ESPN's Joe Schad and Inside Carolina's Greg Barnes, also (inexplicably) served as the nanny for UNC head coach Butch Davis.

    A source has also told that two players, cornerbacks Charles Brown and Kendrick Burney, have already been kicked off of the football team.

    At this time, we cannot confirm whether or not those dismissals will be announced during Thursday night's press conference.

    Additionally, the same source told that "four players have been cleared and the rest are toast" -- meaning four of the defensive starters on Carolina's team.

    Erin Summers of WRAL in Raleigh also reported that "it's all but four players on the starting defense who are involved in the academic infractions."

    The information from our source falls right in line with the -- as yet unconfirmed -- reports that the majority of the defensive starters were removed from the first team reps during Carolina's closed practice, and that Chancellor Holden Thorp addressed the football team on the field earlier.

    It is believed that Thorp, along with Davis and athletic director Dick Baddour, will be present at the news conference.

    As a matter of interest only in the sense of reasonable practicality, the Las Vegas betting line for the UNC-LSU game has been removed from many online gambling sites.

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    So what are they saying that the tutor helped them cheat or something? That article was pretty meager explaining what the infraction was.

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    Amid NCAA probe, Blake steps down at UNC

    (AP) – 1 hour ago

    CHAPEL HILL, N.C. — John Blake has resigned his position on North Carolina's football staff, effective immediately, school officials said Sunday night.

    Blake, who was in his fourth season working with Butch Davis, said in a statement issued by the school that he stepped down because "my presence has become a distraction" to the university.

    "Consequently, I have determined that it is in the best interests of my family, the university community at large, and the football program for me to step down from my position as associate head football coach," Blake said.

    The NCAA has spent much of the summer investigating whether defensive lineman Marvin Austin and receiver Greg Little received improper benefits from agents.

    That probe has since expanded to include possible academic misconduct, and 13 players did not travel to Atlanta for Saturday night's game against LSU. Also drawing the NCAA's interest is Blake's longtime friendship with California-based agent Gary Wichard.

    "Coach Blake had indicated to me in previous conversations that he would step down if he felt his presence with the football program would become a distraction," athletic director Dick Baddour said. "I know the young men he coached are tremendously disappointed, but Coach Davis and his staff will help and support them as the season moves forward."

    Blake will be paid $74,500, an approximation of the salary he would have received had he finished the season, and it will be paid by football revenues, the school said in the statement. His contract, which includes an annual base salary of $240,000, would have expired June 30, 2011, the school said.
    after Blake stepped down from his disastrous tenure as coach of OU he became a runner for Wichard, who's considered by many as one of the dirtiest agents out there (Wichard had taylor mays and everson griffen- word was he had paid out a combined $300K to the players over the past three years)...a runner is someone who "runs" and gets clients for the agent....wichard has been in the business for years- he represented old NY Jets like darrell ray back in the day before moving from NY (Long island i believe) and becoming hollywood...

    Blake used to trail Wichard at the senior bowl every year....wichard is also kentwan balmer's agent, who supposedly paid for marvin austin's trip...

    the other "connection" ($$) wichard has is mel kiper....remember how mel kiper was so adamant that jimmy clausen was the best QB in last April's draft and kept claiming he was going to be an early first round pick when even the novice had come to terms Bradford was the number one passer??? clausen is represented by wichard...(google gary wichard and mel kiper, see what you find)...

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    Damn i thought Blake was going to herd some of them Tar heel D-lineman the Jets way.

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    UNC, not historically a football powerhouse played fairly well on Saturday night all things considered.

    Alumnus that E mail the local sports staion here in Charlotte NC are like 95 to 5 in favor of being 3 and 6 rather than embarassed this way.

    For those of you have never been to Chapel is a special place. It MAKES you drink the kool aid, powder blue of course.



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