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Thread: The OFFICIAL Pennant Race Thread

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    The OFFICIAL Pennant Race Thread

    Lots of good stuff going on in baseball down the stretch here:

    As a Yankee fan they are in a tight battle with the Rays but other things to keep any eye on:

    Reds/Cards - these teams do not like each other and it should be fun down the stretch, also Votto and Pujols taking legitimate aim at a possible Triple Crown...

    The NL Wildcard race - Phils, Giants, Cards, Rockies, even the Dodgers are still in it, if the Mets are able to string a winning streak they could get back into it as well

    The NL East - Braves and Phils both have been struggling of late so this race is not over

    Over in the AL

    As mentioned Yanks/Rays and the Sox are not done, they play head to head vs both teams and will have a chance

    The Central with the Twinkies and White Sox, if the Sox are able to land Manny should make the race tighter and will the Twins ever get Morneau back?

    The West is wrapped up but Lee has struggled of late, will be interesting to see if he gets it together again, maybe the ballpark is effecting him.

    The NL and AL Cy youngs are also interesting races to see..should be fun end to the summer into the fall...

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    whats up with Lee? over 6 era in august...

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    Quote Originally Posted by K-Met57 View Post
    whats up with Lee? over 6 era in august...
    Buster Olney was talking about how the ballpark may be effecting him, his career numbers in that park are not good so that might be one reason, or it could just be a bad stretch, which he has had before..


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