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Thread: 2:57! C-O-L-T-S '75 chant preceded J-E-T-S?

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    [QUOTE=Jets Things;3715823]You suck at the internet[/QUOTE]

    When did you come to America?

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    [QUOTE=sg3;3715231]this shocking revelation has been KNOWN for about 20 years. I watched the Spoke and the Wheel do the COLTS chant in the upper deck of Shea Stadium when the Colts played the Jets.

    Actually the Firefraud stole the chant from the two groups of guys who originally stole the chant from the Colts and did it from opposite upper deck endzones early after the Jets moved to NJ.[/QUOTE]

    like a true hosedhead he stole the chant from two NYPD anti Crime cops from the 23 pct who were doing that chant back at shea. Just read nose to nose by Klecko and it will have there names in it

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    Who gives a ****?

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    [QUOTE=bitonti;3715351]the E-A-G-L-E-S chant is fron the 50's or earlier... so it's safe to say the Jets weren't the first team to spell something[/QUOTE]

    Yea but we spelled ours right!!!

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    It shouldn't matter which fan base came up with which chant, because it's obvious that Jet fans have perfected it.

    I have nothing against fireman Ed, he's a die hard fan, who actually has a lot of fun with the role of being the Spike Lee of the Jets fan base. He's also a firefighter, those guys put their lives on the line day in and day out, it's hard to not respect a man like that.


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