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Thread: Neighborhood Watch: Taking actions

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    Neighborhood Watch: Taking actions

    Have you reported any of the following? Have you approached a person directly in regards to these issues (or similar)?

    1. Drunk drivers, drug dealers, illegal activities

    2. Littering, dumping hazardous materials on your streets

    3. Child abusers, domestic violence, convicted sexual predators

    4. Disorderly conduct from adult and youth (loud music, parties, yelling, shouting, etc)

    5. Dirty restaurants

    6. Medical malpractice

    7. Incompetent teachers
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    If I did, the Hampur would be empty. :huh:

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    [QUOTE=FF2;3715328]If I did, the Hampur would be empty. :huh:[/QUOTE]

    Good point.


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