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Thread: Jets Sign Pat White to Practice Squad

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    Jets Sign Pat White to Practice Squad

    I didn't see another thread.

    Jets sign Pat White
    Former Dolphins quarterback/receiver Pat White has been signed to the Jets' practice squad, according to ESPN's Rich Cimini.
    Our View: Could the Jets perhaps be pumping him for information on their rival Dolphins? White didn't exactly leave Miami on good terms, so he would likely be more than willing to spill the beans on his former team's playbook. He could eventually be signed to New York's 53-man roster as a special teamer.

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    Shotty does love him some Wildcat.

    Brad Smith and Pat White lined up in the Backfield?

    Who knows, but we know one thing, Kellen Clemens isn't in the Jets long-term plans, so the #3 (and probably #2 next year) QB spots are wide open going forward.

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    There was already a thread on this, turned out to be false. Cimini said Patrick Turner, someone at another site (rotoworld?) assumed or somehow mistook it for being Pat White.

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    Pat White will sign with the Kansas City . . . Royals. Story coming at PFT.


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    This was a misprint apparently. It was Patrick Turner that went to the PS.


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