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Thread: Passion is finally back in football...

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    Passion is finally back in football...

    Regardless of what anyone thinks of Ray Lewis, Tom Brady, or any other player talking publicly about the jets, it's great to finally see some smack talking back. I know they are all professional athletes and will play their hardest (except the haynesworth types), but most players loves the games and can't wait to proves themselves week in and week out. Even when we cut Davis, he said you know I'm coming after that ass!!! Finally, a competitive jets team with a little fire and plenty of rivalries brewing.

    Time to get an f-ing snack and enjoy what looks like an unforgettable season!!!!

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    +1 Im sick of all these drones complain about what rex, ray, tom, or any one is a game of emotion not some slap dick sales conference where everyone is fake and just wants you to sign on the dotted line. Disconnect people.

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    All Jets fans should right that check and back up Rex and the team. Our Jets are on the radar...and rivalries is what football is all about.

    The Quest is on...enjoy the ride.


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