1) If anyone saw Sanchez' reaction to the int on the first drive of the Redskins preseason game, it is crucial for him to throw the ball successfully and come away with 3 points on the first drive. No sacks and no pressures. Running the ball to make it easier for Sanchez is playing right into the Ravens hands. DON'T DO IT SCHOTT!

2) One key Raven has to be punished early - 1st Q. Flacco is too tough of an assignment. One of those 2 RB's need to be punished - even if we have to take a penalty.

3) If the Ravens go into halftime up by 14 - game over. The first half counts more than the second half THIS WEEK. Again, get the passing game going - especially with the Ravens being short at S.

4) If this game is close at the end, using our FOUR TE's is the way to get downfield. The Ravens have no film for 2 of the 4 TE's we have.

PS - Hate to say this but Ray Lewis is gunning for John Connor ;) BEWARE! Let Tony take on Ray - he knows how to handle a convict :D