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Thread: NFL Sunday Ticket Online

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    NFL Sunday Ticket Online

    I plopped down the $$$ for this service and have to say, based upon today, Direct TV sucks and their online version of the NFLSunday Ticket service is in no way worth $350. Not due to lack of content, but it froze on me at 1:15pm today and I was unable to log back in for 15 minutes. I even called Direct TV to ask for a refund for this weeks portion because the servers could not handle the volume of users and they told me there are absolutely no refunds. Many times I tried go switch games and got an error message "cannot log into stream", the NFL Red Zone channel did not work. Picture quality was good and the sound quality was good as well. The controls are fine, PIP, 4 PIP sized games at once and full screen mode. Problem I felt was if I went to another game, I would have trouble getting back into the game I had just left. It is only week 1 so the jury is still out, but if I had to give this a grade for today's performance I would say D-, but for the actual content and if it will work correectly, A+++.

    I will grade each week and let you all know if it improves...

    Can you believe someone could F up being able to watch 12 NFL games at once?

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    Maybe your broadband sucked?

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    No my friend...not my broad band that sucks...all other sites even You Tube works lightning fast..

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    DTV had bandwith problems today. I certainly would imagine that they have this sorted out by next week.

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    Refund?? Who is their competitor...

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    Thanks for the info, I appreciate it as Im looking into getting this service as well.

    Any idea if I hold out till week 4 or so if I could get a discount price? I already know Im gonna be able to see the Jets atleast the first 3 games or so here in MA, so figured Id wait it out and see what happens, plus not sure if I wanna throw down $350 just yet.

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    call then and say "cancel service" at the menu. That will bring you to retentions, which may be better than other CSR's you talk to. can't be sure, since you aren't a normal customer... but its worth a try.

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    They don't do refunds. You need to ask for credit.

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    I got it two days ago for $80 after i threatened to cancel.

    the price for Sunday ticket is $320. no more Superfan. It's all included.
    They gave me $20 credit for 6 mos. =$120
    And they are waiving my HD fee for a year = $120

    It was an offer I couldn't refuse ;)

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    The question is, what are they going to do for people who only have the Sunday Ticket online portion because they can't get regular Directv service and want a refund? It's not like they can give them credit, since they can't have Directv in the first place right?


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