I don't care how much Rex runs his mouth -- if a team can't handle the spotlight, they don't deserve to be champions.

But there IS pressure on Rex, simply because of who he is -- A DEFENSIVE GENIUS.

I'm tired of hearing how Sanchez will fare against the Ravens. I fully expect less than stellar numbers -- just don't give the game away, and I'll be happy.

But on the OTHER SIDE . . . we gotta give Flacco FITS. We gotta show them stuff they've NEVER SEEN BEFORE, simply because we have the personnel to do it.

We need that stadium ROCKIN, and nothing works fans up like a DOMINATING DEFENSE.

C'mon Rex, impress us. Make our jaws hit the floor, and not be able to recover until we wake up Tuesday morning.

We know you sincerely believe all that talk you put out there -- now show us WHY you feel that way.

It's all on you, big guy.

Whether the offense scores 13 or 33 . . . whether the Ravens unleash Flacco or run Rice like there's no tomorrow . . . whether their starting position is their own 20 or our 40 . . .

24 hours from now game 1 will be in the books -- SHOW US WHAT YOU GOT:eek::yes: