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Thread: 1050ESPN Radio Live Shows ~ 2010 Edition

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    1050ESPN Radio Live Shows ~ 2010 Edition

    For those of you asking if there is a live ESPN1050 radio show this season the answer is yes. Tomorrow night's show is from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m.

    As of this writing the location is:

    Grasshopper Off The Green
    41-43 Morris Street
    Morristown, NJ 07960
    Tel. (973) 285-5150
    Website ~ [URL][/URL]

    Thanks as always to the very hard working & behind the scenes NY Jet FO personnel for putting these shows and special events together, much appreciated.

    However, I really think the NY Jets should seriously look into having the show somewhere in [B]New York City[/B]. Everything else is in New Jersey, so would it kill them out of the thousands of bar/restaurants in NYC to pick one and hold a live radio show there?

    Think of the 1050ESPN crew & Little Bobby Wischusen! There offices are located in NYC. Think of The Jets Shop on Madison Avenue! That's located in NYC. Maybe everyone who attends the show gets a coupon good for 10% off a NY Jets item at the store and/or at the stadium?

    And most importantly, think of your NY fan base that still actually lives in New York & doesn't want to sit in two hours of rush hour traffic getting to Morristown, NJ for an hour's worth of radio show.

    Thanks in advance. :cool:
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