So we are here. Finally after all the offseason draft, FA, OTAís and camp we have our team and we are about to square off against a formidable foe in the Ravens. Some of us are scared to death of the Jets not being what we hope they are Ė a SB contending team. Were wishing collectively that the Jets stump a mud hole in the Ravens. Like most of us here on Jet Insider, I bleed green and white. I hope the same things you hope, and I stand with you in unity.

So I started thinking after watching most of Sundays games that If the Jets donít live up to the hype and Sanchez doesnít progress like he should, where would we be as a team next year after the SB?

As a team Sanchez would probably take most of the heat Ė anyone can probably guess that the defense will be at the very worse a top 10 D, and special teams will be average. The offense with a couple of new starters in Slauson/Holmes will probably be the reason we either excel or become mediocre. With Sanchez in year 2 of his rookie contract 5 years 50.5/28m Ė I doubt the Jets would be in any position to think about moving on from him, both as a organization and as a salary cap hit. But what would be our next move? Obviously if Iím the GM I think about getting younger on the defensive line.

But since the defense is a top 10 defense, Iím not sure that any significant moves are a priority there. Obviously we have to resign Harris and either Holmes or Edwards. Iím pretty sure that with the reality of the salary cap we would not sign both. The good thing here is that at least we have a choice of who we want for our offense. Iím not sold on either Slauson or Decusse at the LG spot. Maybe in year 2 Decusse would be a better player, I sure hope so because we invested 2nd rounder on him. The RT spot with Woody has to be addressed at some point because heís getting up there in age (33).
But heís playing well enough that thatís not a priority as well.

So letís face it, as I have said before if you put about half the QBís in this league on this team, this team wins multiple SBís. (Rodgers, Brees, Farve, Manning, Brady, Romo, McNabb, Rivers, Eli Manning, Palmer, and lastly Ryan & Flacco) So to me that says that Sanchez doesnít have to be Manning, Brees or Rodgers to be a SB contending team.

Draft pundits have all said that while he only played one year of college ball, that he has all the skill set needed to be a great QB. So why isnít he (prior to game 1) making that progress as such? Everyone around the Jets have all said that he puts in as much time as anyone in this league in the facility and studying. If the A1 effort and talent is there, I have a hard time thinking itís anything but our Offensive Coordinator Ė Schotty. If Shotty is the offensive guru heís claimed to be Ė could it just be bad chemistry?. As far as the media reports go Schotty and Mark get along great. Player development to me is the one area that doesnít get nearly the publicity that it should. Players like Sanchez need great coaching in order to become the great players they all once were in college. So I went back via youtube and a couple of college sites and watched about Ĺ hour of video on Mark Ė and what I found was that he had full command and confidence and made every NFL throw I see Manning, Brees and Rodgers make. He has a better than average arm but not elite, certainly more than enough at this level, heís no Pennington. He was very accurate in college, and while some of the accuracy % can be dismissed by the fact that USC throws a lot of screen passes, he routinely threw in tight windows with accuracy. Watching the tape makes me second guess whatís going on here and at the same time realize that heís only in his 2nd year.

If we get a new OC next year that can only hinder Marks progress Ė unless something is there between him and Schotty. Iím speculating here, but Iím guessing Schotty goes to a new team next year as a HC regardless of what we as a team do because he was well sort after last year.

This should be a very interesting year for the Jets, we learn if were pretenders or a legit SB team. I really do think if we do or donít rest on Sanchezís hands. In Mark we trustÖ..for now.