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Thread: JI Introduction!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JetsGames View Post
    I am impressed with your ability to see the writing on the wall. Well played, I will keep my distance and behavior in check.

    Buzz just looks slow.

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    In Morris Co., N.J. at the right end of a Browning 12 gauge, with Nick to my left n Rex to my right.
    Quote Originally Posted by JetsGames View Post
    Mangini was and is an excellent X's and O's guy. One of the best in our time. He isnt a good coach and motivator of men.....BUT he is very smart. I'd take him on our staff anyday. (Just not as head coach!)
    Welcome, but it isn't about the X's and O's, it's about the Jim's and Joe's.

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    Hello fellow Jets fans. I have been a Jets fans since my dad took me to a game at Shea back in the day. I'm ready for the season Let's go!!!


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