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Thread: New Story: Balancing the Hype Vs. Hate

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    New Story: Balancing the Hype Vs. Hate

    [B]Florham Park, N.J.[/B] - The Jets have been one of, if not the most talked about teams this offseason and as with anything that gets a lot of exposure, people are getting sick of hearing about them.

    Really, it's only natural. Who hasn't, at point in their life, heard a song they liked only to grow to inexplicably despise the song after being over exposed to it? At first, you enjoy the song, but before you know it your ready to hit the eject button and send yourself through your sunroof as soon as the song comes on the radio, just...


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    I will say this. Wrecks Ryan likes to talk about if the Jets play their best game. Well if the Jets play their best game and the Patriots play just well the Jets get destroyed in that matchup. I'm feeling very confident about next sunday.


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