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Thread: Jets Against the World

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    Jets Against the World

    [URL=""]ESPN Poll. Ravens at Jets. View Map.[/URL]

    The underdog mentality that some thought was gone after last year is present more than ever to the Jets and to Jet fans. Everyone hates us, nobody wants us to succeed. Talk to a Giant fan, talk to anybody about the Jets, they can not stand us with a passion that is almost surprising when taken at face value. Listen to these sportscasters talk about the Jets and express a list of doubts so long that even Santa Claus would cower in the corner. The Jets have no chemistry, no leaders, a joke of a head coach, will always "share" with the Giants, are simply a circus act. They are not serious contenders, how could they be? It's the [B]JETS[/B]. No state believes that the Jets will win this game tonight, not even New York. It's the Jets and those fans in that stadium against the world tonight.

    The underdog mentality could certainly fit this situation, but I believe it is much, much more than that.

    We are feared.

    Let's show the world that their fear is not misplaced.

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    It's great!

    We have them right where we want them... Doubting "THE F*CKING JETS" and saying we can't do it.



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    Theres something in the air gentlemen and ladies. 24-3 Jets.

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    i was nervous im confident.

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    Be prepared. If we beat Baltimore tonight the hate would be more intense.

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    Damn, would I LOVE to hear Rex's pregame speech!

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    I NEVER cared who liked my Jetsies before.... Whay should I [U]NOW[/U]????

    F everyone else.

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    The Jets are hated for the first time in a long time, and I love it. I've only been a die hard Jets fan since 1995, but I'm 100% confident that NO Jets team has ever been hated as much as this one led by Rex Ryan - Not even the Jets team that shocked the sports world after Joe Willy Namath' guarantee over the Colts back in 1969.

    I love it.

    Head coaches around the league fear this team, players such as Ray Lewis are starting to hate this team, Dungy and the rest of the media feel they need to call out Rex Ryan, opposing fans don't believe in our hype and it's up to the Jets to walk the walk after talking the talk.

    Start off 2-0, after beating two power house AFC teams in the Ravens and Patriots, and guess what? These people will have NO CHOICE but to respect the muther f****** Jets!

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    [QUOTE=AceBoy;3730116]Be prepared. If we beat Baltimore tonight the hate would be more intense.[/QUOTE]

    Wouldn't have it any other way.

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    [QUOTE=AceBoy;3730116]Be prepared. If we beat Baltimore tonight the hate would be more intense.[/QUOTE]


    And if the Jets start off 2-0, after beating two serious contenders in Baltimore and New England, the NFL will be like...

    [B][I][CENTER][FONT="Century Gothic"][COLOR="Red"][SIZE="7"]"Oh Sh*t, here come the F*cking Jets!"[/SIZE][/COLOR][/FONT][/CENTER][/I][/B]

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    [QUOTE=Hitman Harris;3730121]Damn, would I LOVE to hear Rex's pregame speech![/QUOTE]

    Exactly what I was thinking! Its bound to be a great one for sure.

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    [QUOTE=Kentucky Jet;3730184]Exactly what I was thinking! Its bound to be a great one for sure.[/QUOTE]

    Apparently Damien Woody tweeted that he had just witnessed the greatest pregame speech he's ever heard.


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