"Without being a killjoy...this nonsense should never have happened.
There's a difference between being loose and being idiots.

I will assure everyone that if the Jets get beaten at home in the first
game at the new stadium by the new coaches old team..the media is
going to have a field day.

The Jets have been unimpressive AT BEST during the preseason.
All fun and games aside-this is football. The team and players are
definitely buying into the hype. I'm tired of it already and think the whole Hard Knocks thing was a waste of time. Enough already.

The Pats, cheaters as they may be, own three rings this decade and
completely dismantled the hapless Bengals. The Pats are going to give us
fits in week two-guaranteed.

People seem to forget the Jets were barely a 9-7 team last year. Barely.
Sure, we got hot in the playoffs. Then a big off-season, new players, HBO, blah blah blah. Sanchez has looked mediocre at best this preseason. He's going to have his hands full on Monday night.

Again, not to be a killjoy but if this team doesn't wake-up and get serious they're going to be 0-2 very quickly and there will be lots of disappointed fans who idiotically drank the kool-aid a bit early.

I've followed the team for more than 40 years and really want to win a Super Bowl. The teams that seem to be accomplishing this task this decade all are very disciplined, well-coached, serious-minded teams. The Jets do not strike me as this type of team right now. Rex had better tighten it up a bit or he will be in big trouble."

Sorry to be so boring....

So. RayRay, when I said our offense in the preseason was underwhelming at best and you asked me what I was watching....Quick question?
What were you watching?

Ravens:21 first downs
Jets:5 first downs

The worst performance since Lou Holtz quit...


0/9 on third downs.

Super Bowl Ray Ray???

Let's convert some third downs first and stop being jerk-offs during practice with female reporters.

A febile, disgusting effort and here come the disciplined Pats.

Stop drinking the Kool Aid and watching silly Hard Knocks...
What.an. embarrassment.