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Thread: The "How to beat the Pats" in Wk. 2 Thread

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    The "How to beat the Pats" in Wk. 2 Thread

    I have no clue :confused:

    The Pats will score more than 20.

    Can we possibly score 24? I dont see any way - ANY way!

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    Let Mark throw the ball 50 times...No fail cat plays:mad:

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    Fire Schotty and convince Kurt Warner to come out of retirement and be our new starter.

    What's Welker's stat line gonna be next week? I'm predicting 12 rec 146 yds and 2 tds.

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    We cannot. I honestly see no way in which we can beat those guys, I mean our offense was non existent and the Pats have the all around better discipline, QB, and coach...


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