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Thread: Ok so lets get something straight

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    Ok so lets get something straight

    sooooo Its ok to post semi pornographic photos on this site as well as make fun of Tom Brady and call him Gay and even go as far as wish death on him ??
    but its not ok to make lighthearted jokes about our quarterback's ethnicity?? Nooo thats Ban Worthy???

    Lets be real... on this site there have been much worse language, threats made, and overall content than Anything I have ever posted on this site before and you people threaten to Ban me??

    I Love the Jets and football , That Said I also don't live for football, I Live for my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.. When the Jets Lose I count it pure joy.. it makes me appreciate when things go right for the team.. Sanchez will be fine, the Jets will be fine and if they are not then its just not the will of our Lord... ya know,maybe if all of you let Christ into your life football wouldnt determine your mood or the decisions you make in life. just saying..

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    Tom T. Hall had a great song. It was called "I Love..." you should check it out it.:)


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