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Thread: Brady & Welker for 400yds!

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    Brady & Welker for 400yds!

    you must KNOCK Brady out Rex otherwise you will lose bec. Sancez should be flippin F#### tacos in LA on the drive thru!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:steamin:

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    I'll be in Cali, so maybe Mark can toss me a pink :taco:

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    Ummm.... what? :hmm:

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    stop making dumb threads

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    [QUOTE=JerseyJet80;3732210]stop making dumb threads[/QUOTE]

    The Tell Shootty to stop calling DUMB PLaYS!

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    [QUOTE=DieHard JETfan;3732236]The Tell Shootty to stop calling DUMB PLaYS![/QUOTE]


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    Spin Dr.

    I'm sick of how the NFL is talking about the "Elite QB" status.
    Are they or aren't they? etc... There's only a few, however the more they try to put average QBs in, or on the verge off this status. The cheaper they make the requirements.
    The NFL really wants to spin things as much as possible to get Sanchez
    in, or on the road to that club, alas he's horrible. At least at this stage of his career. I'll be interested on how the broadcast of next weeks game handles the "eye test" when seeing the contrast of qualities between Brady & Sanchez?


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