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Thread: Jets Offense has No Down the field plays!

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    Jets Offense has No Down the field plays!


    If you want to Win attack the endzone every soo often!

    ITS a Pittiful ex. of NO MANHOOD resign shooty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:steamin:

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    Is it the play-calls themselves, or is it the safe check-downs by a QB afraid to push it?

    I hate the conservative short dump offs. Throw it down field. Flacco threw it down field 15 times and completed most of them or got penalty calls on the rest. Us, twice? both incomplete.

    1:57 left in the game, need 60 yards for a fg attempt. run-run-short pass. Really?

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    All you need to know is the first play from scrimmage was a reverse. Schotty is clueless.


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