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Thread: First Real Game in New Stadium

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    First Real Game in New Stadium

    I was very impressed with the new stadium.

    - Very easy to get in and out. Coming from CT, arrived at 4:30 and hit no traffic coming or leaving. Was on 17N within 3 minutes of getting in the car after the game.

    - Felt like a "real" home game. If I didn't know it was a shared stadium, it never would have occurred to me. Place was green and white all over. All Jets everywhere you looked. Screens are great. Ring of Honor looked great. We finally have a real home field.

    - Crowd was loud. A lot of Raven fans (maybe 10% of the crowd), but I think that was a unique MNF thing.

    - Concourses were much wider than old stadium. At 6:30 or so they weren't allowing anyone in the seats due to the storm, which meant you had 75,000 or so people in the concourse areas at the same time. At least where I was (148), it never got overly crowded, was orderly, you could move around - even get food with minimal wait.

    HUGE upgrade over the old place!

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    I agree. Now if can only get the O going.


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