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    Deep Thoughts

    1- Mike Greenburg said it best on Mike & Mike this morning. "That was complete & utter torture, I would have rather had a 3 hour root canal with no novacane then to have to watch that game".

    2- Defensive effort was HEROIC! Our defense played their Asses off! 77 plays!
    Sure they screwed up a few times & I think the PI call on Wilson in the endzone was pure crap but the Ravens coach knew this crew calls tight games, even mentioned it to the press. When you have a QB (Flacco), with his arm & targets & they have 77 cracks at you, they are going to make some plays, holding them to 10 points was a miracle considering even the TD came after a ticky tack bogus roughing the kicker penalty, (Man has the NFL gone soft).

    3- This was a bad game to have both Pool & Pace out. Pool is 6-2, 220 & would have been the guy on Heap in that game instead of the shorter, slower Smith.
    We needed Pace to put more pressure on & keep the guys fresh. Missing those two really hurt.

    4- Play calling was mind blowingly stupid! Every one knows how I feel about Shottenheimer, (HE BLOWS!). He has mini camps, a full training camp, preseason, to get ready for this 1st game of the year & we can't even convert 1 friggin 3rd down in the ENTIRE GAME! Do you realize that's probably IMPOSSIBLE to do. Then he benches our running back after fumbling? OK, I get it, your mad, I'm pissed too, but would the Vikings bench Peterson? It's STUPID! You NEED HIM! This isn't preseason lessons MORON!
    OK, you got me started on Sh*tty! Hey, I got an idea, you just got a fumble recovery, try to THROW on 1st down & get the god damned ball in the ENDZONE MORON!
    Oh, & how about the motion penalty that negates a 33 yard pass to Keller at the 4 yard line! (Line up & friggin play!, it's like that stupid fullback in motion crap he pulls each week & the only thing it gains is 2 yards up the gut)

    Don't even get me started on the 3 running plays straight up the gut & punt!
    Oh, how about when the defense TRULY needed a breather & on 3rd & 4, he goes downtown 40 yards, when that is the ONE FRIGGIN TIME HE NEEDED TO PULL ONE OF HIS SUPPOSED 400 PLAYS OUT OF THAT SUPPOSED MASSIVE PLAYBOOK & MOVE THE GOD DAMN CHAINS SO OUR DEFENSE CAN GET A DAMN BREATH!
    Oh, I forgot, lets leave Slauson, one on one on an obvious passing down, with no back in the backfield to pick him up in case he throws Slauson like a RAGDOLL & almost INJURES OUR QB!

    5- Rex, Rex, you know I luv ya but stuff that bravado bag away for just one moment & take some advise from the genius up the turnpike in New England, maybe, just maybe you want to change it up on some of those 3rd & longs & go into a dime, let them catch it short of a 1st down & make them PUNT!
    Rex is STUBBORN like his old man.

    6- Finally, I wondered what game Jenkins would go down in. Totally was not surprised but man, 1st game big Jenk. Praying that it's a strain & not a tear but does it really matter.
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