I don't understand how most of the people on this site have gone from thinking 14-2/Super Bowl to wondering if you'll make the playoffs in 24 hours.

What suprised you ?

Most experts picked the Ravens in a low scoring game.

Revis, Ellis and the ILBs played great as usual. The 3rd downs conversions were suprising, but if the Ravens had throw more on 1st down they probably would have scored more than 10 points. When you give up 10 points to a team considered the best in the AFC that's great D. The Special Teams were great, no suprise.

The only thing that suprise me was how good Taylor looked against the run and that Ryan didn't use LT more especially after the fumble.

Did it really suprise you that Cromartie will make a great play then get burned the next play (he's always been like that). Suprised that a rookie CB struggled against Pro Bowl Wrs ? Blame Shotty all you want, but Sanchez [B]SUCKED[B], no suprise.

The Jets are going to win a lot games this year, but when you face teams with great run denfenses or can throw the ball you're going to struggle.

Stop buying into all Ryan's bluster. The team has some great players but also some serious flaws (like my Patriots). Reality sucks, I know.