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Thread: Buffalo is a must win game...

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    Because it's true. This is the quintessential TRAP Game. Jets need to take care of business and not allow Fitzpatrick and Marshall Lynch to run roughshod all over the D.[/QUOTE]

    It's Marshawn and I think Spiller is a bigger threat.

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    [QUOTE=chesapeakejet;3754885]It's Marshawn and I think Spiller is a bigger threat.[/QUOTE]

    Whoops, my bad. Marshawn.

    And is Spiller that good?

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    [QUOTE=chesapeakejet;3754885]It's Marshawn and I think Spiller is a bigger threat.[/QUOTE]

    Spiller finally got in the game for the first time yesterday. This is a most important win for us upstate guys. The Billers really get in our pants when the Bills beat up on the Jets.

    Goooooo Jets :yes:

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    [QUOTE=OrangeJet;3754814]If NE lost to Buffalo yesterday...NO ONE would be counting NE out...mathmatically or practically.[/QUOTE]

    The Pats aren't the Jets.

    [QUOTE=Apache 51;3754815]Happens, doesn't mean your out.[/QUOTE]

    That's why I said, "not mathematically."

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    Bills' strength is definitely in their back 4. The front 7 is not that good though... Really should take advantage of that and really try to run the ball here.

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    [QUOTE=Roger Vick;3754607]I'd say it's a mustn't lose game.[/QUOTE]

    Heh, should have closed this thread down after this reply.

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    [QUOTE=SMC;3754965]The Pats aren't the Jets.

    That's why I said, "not mathematically."[/QUOTE]

    The only must wins are because of math.

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    MUST WIN!!

    our out of conf games are brutal this year: Green Bay, Houston, Denver, Minn, Cin, Chi. Plus we have NE+MIA 1 more time. There are some losses on that schedule so we need to get it done vs Buffalo Cleveland and Detroit.

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    [QUOTE=SMC;3754965]The Pats aren't the Jets.


    I know, the Jets totally dismantled them in the 2nd half. SOJ mentality.


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