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Thread: Bart Scott

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    To borrow a phrase from Mike Pettine, I love "this f***in' Bart guy."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Emotional_Wreck View Post
    What is with these callout threads? By the looks of things around here you would think we got blown out last night. Slauson, Wilson, Poole, and now Scott?

    Jesus, Jets fans really are a miserable bunch.
    Thank you!!!

    There is a group of fans out here who simply like it when the Jets are bad. They do.

    They think that by foolishly calling out a player such as Bart w/o thinking, that it somehow makes them "thoughtfull" when it just demonstrates that they are small and petty.

    So I truly thank you for your Excellent Post!!!!

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    All I know is that Scott was right in the middle of things on that final interception.

    I did have some concerns about his conditioning this year, but he's the least of our problems.

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    Plays Bart Scott was involved in vs. Ravens

    (10:12) R.Rice right end to BLT 31 for 1 yard (B.Scott).
    (9:12) (Shotgun) J.Flacco pass short right to W.McGahee to BLT 39 for -6 yards (B.Scott, K.Jenkins).
    (7:17) R.Rice right tackle to NYJ 42 for no gain (S.Ellis, B.Scott).
    (1:46) W.McGahee left tackle to NYJ 20 for no gain (B.Scott, V.Gholston). FUMBLES (B.Scott), RECOVERED by NYJ-S.Pouha at NYJ 22.
    2-6-BLT 17 (12:53) J.Flacco pass short right to T.Heap to BLT 21 for 4 yards (J.Leonhard) [B.Scott].
    (8:09) R.Rice right guard to BLT 37 for 1 yard (S.Ellis, B.Scott).
    (4:09) (Shotgun) R.Rice left guard to BLT 31 for 4 yards (B.Scott, E.Smith).
    (12:45) (Shotgun) J.Flacco pass incomplete short left to R.Rice (B.Thomas) [B.Scott].
    (9:29) (Shotgun) R.Rice right guard to NYJ 44 for 3 yards (B.Thomas, B.Scott).
    (3:22) W.McGahee right tackle to BLT 6 for no gain (B.Thomas, B.Scott).
    (9:39) R.Rice right guard to BLT 44 for 4 yards (B.Scott).
    (2:15) J.Flacco right guard to NYJ 29 for 1 yard (B.Scott, J.Taylor).

    He was in on 7 tackles for gains of 1 yard or less, plus he caused a fumble and had some QB pressures on Flacco that aren't listed above.


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