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    New Story: Morning After Report

    FLORHAM PARK, NY - Going in to Week 4, after the daunting three game gauntlet of Baltimore, New England and Miami, the Jets are in first place in the AFC East sporting a sprightly 2-1 record. Even if it is due to an early divisional tie-breaker, given the obstacles that have been hurdled to get to this point, there is plenty to smile about. However there is, clearly, vast room for improvement.

    Last night's game showed just how good the Jets offense can be and just how bad the defense looks without Darrelle Revis, Calvin Pace and Kris Jenkins. Despite the...


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    [QUOTE]Rex Ryan made most of his challenges going 2-for-2 with the red flags. The first on a potential Sanchez interception, however the review showed that the ball hit the ground before Allen could gain possession. [B]The other gave the Jets offense a fresh set of goal line downs after challenging whether the Dolphins defense had 12 men on the field.[/B] The call worked out and the Jets scored. Heads up play by the head coach.[/QUOTE]

    I was pretty sure that's not how that challenge worked out...but I was pretty hammered at that point...:D

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    ryan definitely lost that challenge. The next play was 2nd down.

    still got the benefit of a nice rest for the D, so the challenge itself was productive.

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    We lost the 12 men on the field challenge.


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