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Thread: The OFFICIAL "First Quarter of Season" Chat Thread

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    [QUOTE=el_dub80;3763891]6-2 would be sweet! Who would we lose to then? :eek:[/QUOTE]

    Well the Jets are definitely through one of the two rough patches. The other potentially nasty stretch is going to be Houston, Cinci, @NE, Miami, @Pitt, @Chi. If the Jets go 4-2 in that stretch they should be looking at a bye.

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    its been a great quarter season. What I really like watching is that every week, they're getting a little better in every aspect of the game. Sanchez is only 23 and hes playing lot better. LTs been amazing and the O line is getting its act together. The defense stats are getting better and when Revis and Pace come back in, they'll improve even more.

    Got to destroy the Vikings and get into this bye.

    Great game today


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