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Thread: The talent and depth on this team is outstanding, and is being underappreciated...

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    Nice post m'man and you hit on alot of great points..this team is stacked...winning three disional games this early bodes well.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ray Ray19 View Post
    I don't think many here, rival hating fans elsewhere, and the media realize how deep this team is. I'll also add that in addition to the team being very deep, the job of this coaching staff to game plan around injuries, or make in-game adjustements are some of the very best I've ever seen, and especially with the Rex Ryan regime.

    It's been said several times....

    No Revis, Pace, Jenkins, Holmes, and various other players at stretches. That is 3 TOP players on defense, at every level, DL, LB, and secondary. Our BEST WR...

    The job of this team to go 3-1 to start the year, and 3-0 in our division is just outstanding, if not amazing.

    Last week we play without Edwards in the first quarter, the offense adjusts its game plan to start, and we score 14 points emphasizing Tomlinson and Keller.

    Today, we go into Buffalo, usually a tough place to play, and destroy them, dominating in the ground game.

    We lose Eric Smith, our best ST's player, ST's doesn't lose a step.

    Brodney Pool doesn't play the first game and a half, in addition to missing Revis the last two games, and working in a rookie CB, and the secondary STILL plays well. Cromartie was DOMINANT today, did Evans even catch a pass?

    No Pace? No problem, Jason Taylor steps up, Devito steps up, Gholston, while not making big plays, has actually been pretty solid.

    Drew Coleman gets the start today and plays pretty well, this was a Buffalo offense that did put up 30 points IN New England last week, putting up 300 yds of passing offense.

    I thought our D struggled last week but mostly due to the heat and humidity, D lost their edge in that second half last week, but they still put it together when they had to. Today, you saw a defense that was FLYING around all over the place.

    Pryce is going to be a HUGE pick-up, thank goodness Ellis seems to be ok.

    Brad Smith, what a weapon, our wildcat offense has really evolved, and what a dimension he adds to this offense.

    Jenkins goes down, man his injury burns me up, he would make this D dominant, but Pouha and Devito are playing VERY well.

    Now the offense gets Santonio Holmes back this week. Yikes!!

    Pace and Revis back this week...

    Each unit has played well, sometimes at varying times, ST's has been golden.

    How good is this team?

    I was hoping for a 2-2 start with no Holmes and Pace, and then Revis.

    I just don't think people here appreciate how deep and how good this team is now, and how good we can be.

    I laugh at idiots like Cimini, his prediction was 21-20, "Jets have a little more talent."

    Nice call you jackass!!!!!!

    Media killing this team, some dumbass fans questioning Tannenbaum and the use of FA and trades, not neccessarily just the draft.

    We have a very talented and deep team, to sustain some of the KEY injuries we have, and flourish in the fashion we have...

    Just OUTSTANDING!!!!

    This team is PRIMED to do something THIS year, I'm not predicting anything, nor am I going to even talk about it.

    One game and one week at a time...

    What a great start to the year, if we keep our health, or do we need to? The sky is the limit.

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    Great post & I agree about our depth RayRay.

    Some great underrated pick-ups this year.

    Cromartie, Tomlinson, Taylor & Pool just to name a few, can't wait to see Holmes make his Jets regular season debut.

    We have endured some critical injuries and still won games and our depth has alot to do with it.

    That being said, there are 2 things that are really jumping out at me right now.

    The play of the O-Line - and yes, that includes Slauson. Sanchez has lots of time in the pocket and hasn't had much pressure in his face at all the last 3 games and it's due to the play of the O-Line.

    # 2 is Mark Sanchez. This kid has come a LONG, LONG way. 8 TD's & 0 INT's through 4 games tells you all you need to know.

    This team has a very, very high ceiling with that kind of QB play.
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    And How do we get to have so much talent?

    Thank you Tanny.....
    Best GM in football today.

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    I agree with the depth comment but I think the CS is the key. Rex and Company made some great adjustments at halftime of the Pats game and have never looked back. This team has the chance to do something I never seen in my lifetime and that is a trip to the Superbowl.

    "Here come the Jets babe!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by copernicus View Post
    Nice post Ray Ray. I am also very impressed with Rex's in game adjustments and the talent Mike T has brought to this team is incredible. Lets not forget the development of Brad Smith. So many foolish fans wanted him cut. What a player............
    Agreed the talent we have is really starting to blossom and pay dividends on the field. The depth we have is outstanding, the players who were 2nd stringers before have really stepped up to the plate and would be starting anyway on most other teams - Pouha, De Vito. Even guys like Slauson have made their presence felt along with Coleman has showed remarkable improvements. The vets we brought in LT, JT have injected a lot of fire into the Jets. Can't wait for Holmes to take the field next week.

    And I agree that Brad Smith has been awesome for us, he makes spectacular plays when we need it most. Outstanding.

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    Brad Smith has been an absolute revelation for this team.

    It made an already talented team even more talented....and now we get Holmes back? LOLOLOLOL@the rest of the league.


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