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Thread: Its all peachy now but what are your concerns going into next monday and moving on?

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    Quote Originally Posted by chesapeakejet View Post
    My question is, when you don't work for the organization, then wtf are you worried about next week for on sunday night after a victory? Enjoy this, and get your panties in a bunch tomorrow!!!!!!

    btw, SOJ would've laid an egg in Buffalo. We have something special here.
    Well stated and I do agree. This crap gets silly after awhile. We are not allowed to celebrate even right after a win, on the road, where we usually suffer humiliation. We win and face this type of post! Makes NO sense.

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    Another concern besides Allen and Peterson is Favre, if there were ever a game to kill the Favre this would be it. 3-1, MNF, and the D has not performed up to their potential. Bobby Brady is gonna get hammered.

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    Love the matchup of Brick vs Jared Allen too. Don't see how Allen does anything this game.

    Interior has a tougher game against the likes of Pat and Kevin.


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