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Thread: First Quarter Grades

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    First Quarter Grades

    Alright's time to hand out first quarter grades.

    Special Teams
    Most Impressive Player

    Let's go!

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    Offense - A

    Carried the team so far. Week 1 was an aberration and the Jets have been machine-like since then.

    Defense - B

    Injuries have played a huge factor here. 3rd down D has struggled at times and the secondary was shredded by Henne. Wilson looks to be a liability so far. I still think we're a strong, aggressive unit. We've had dominant moments. Revis and Pace returning should help a lot.

    Special Teams - B+

    Brad Smith has been great and Weatherford is much better this year. Folk is shaky and could cost the Jets at some point. Coverage looks good.

    Coaching - A minus

    First game was brutal, but since then, it's been smooth sailing. Rex has his players believing. Schotty has called 3 good games in a row.

    Most Impressive Player - Tomlinson

    No one expected this from him. He's been explosive and a great presence in the locker room. Sanchez a close second, also a bit of a surprise. I expect Revis's name to pop up on these lists once he gets back.

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    Ill co-sign all of your grades. Defense will get better.

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    [QUOTE=Minkaveli;3763920]Alright's time to hand out first quarter grades.

    Let's go![/QUOTE]

    Offense - B
    Defense - B
    Special Teams - A
    Coaching - A
    Most Impressive Player: Mark Sanchez
    Offensive MVP: LaDainian Tomlinson
    Defensive MVP: Mike Devito
    Special Teams MVP: Eric Smith

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    [QUOTE=Minkaveli;3763920]Alright's time to hand out first quarter grades.

    Special Teams
    Most Impressive Player

    Let's go![/QUOTE]

    I'd say offense A minus

    finally got the running game going how they should even though it was the bills still impressive. The Ravens game was terrible and an obvious F but since then you'd have to give them a A or A plus. The running game wasn't always superior but they stuck with it. The wildcat has been very effective. play calls have been great and Sanchez 8-0 TD to INT ratio can't ask for more. The offense actually won that Miami game ... huge

    Defense B

    The run defense has been stingy but all those 3rd down conversions the fiirst 3 weeks were terrible. The 2nd half of the Pats game was the best we've played all season defensively. The D played bad enough to lose the game against the Fins but made key plays when they had to. Secondary goes without saying but at times we've tackled poorly which we didn't do all season last year. Destroyed the Wildcat in week 3, shutout Pats in week 2. Ravens only scored 10 points and we locked down the bills. After last year we were used to shutting teams offenses down and our D hasn't played up to its own capability but when you measure it against the rest of the league I would say a B. The D pretty much played solid for 3 out of the 4 games ...

    Special Teams A

    Folk missed some kicks but the blocked punt was major and literally set us up for the kill. Teams aren't doing anything with run backs and we've been getting some of the best field position i could ever remember. that ravens game we always had the ball on the 50 it seemed and same thing goes for today and certain times in the miami game ....if folk makes all the kicks he's supposed to make its a A plus without a doubt but all other aspects make up for it by far ...

    coaching A plus

    Honestly you can say that we came out against the ravens game poorly coached and prepared. You can also make a case of all the penalties both defensively and all those false starts in key situations fall on the coaching but to comeback after that Ravens game and win that Pats game and then the next 2 ... after the low the team felt just wow. Think about the injuries to Revis, Jenks, Pace. All the new faces and etc and to bounce back from such a low against the Ravens was great coaching. Only coaching can keep your team as focused as they were after week 1 and the horrible 1st quarter against the pats. The adjustments against the pats at halftime ... If these things aren't done properly we start off 0-2 going into Miami with no confidence and the panic button on with every player in that locker room pressing.Schotty, West, Ryan ... all have done exceptional jobs in this first quarter of the season ...

    most impressive player ....

    hate to say this (want to say LT) but its been Keller. Mark Sanchez is balling serious right now and LT has been more of a suprise but Keller is putting himself in the category of the elites right now. His blocking has come around full surface to the point where he's a big reason we're running the ball well. He's helping the run game and his nose for the end zone and getting open when Mark needs him is huge. He's a nightmare matchup for Defenses and he's opening up the game for Braylon on the outside. If Holmes and Braylon start having huge games attribute that to Keller cause he's on every teams radar right now and will draw massive attention. Sanchez's development this year is due to himself and his work ethic and etc but a weapon like Keller with his height, speed, hands, and etc is a big reason he's looked this good this year ... well not part ...


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